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It is emerging as one of the best buildings in the area, towers with avant-grade designs conform the project Atelier. Dwelling project, designed with all the luxury to enjoy not only your home but also the communal spaces. Residents will enjoy a wide central square, with excellent services to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of Atelier.

Arquitectonica was founded 36 years ago by Bernardo Fort-Brescia and Laurinda Spear, two digital architects of a new generation. Now a days, their practice extends worldwide, with projects in 54 countries in the five continents. Arquitectonica counts with 10 workshops around the world in which more than 600 architects, landscape architects, urban planners, interior designers and industrial designer work. Their work is recognized throughout publications and exhibitions, and his client list includes numerous private and public sector leaders. Throughout the years, Arquitectonica has received hundreds of design awards and its projects have been exhibited in several museums and institutions.

Tower I

Tower II

Just a few steps away, you can get the tranquil rest you deserve, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits that only Atelier has to offer.


Kids Club




Squash court

BBQ area

Car Wash

Dog Wash

Laundry room

Business Center

It is located in the central-northern part of the city of Quito, on 6 de Diciembre Avenue between Eloy Alfaro and Portugal Avs. (6 de Diciembre Av. and Checoslovaquia St.) Nearby, you can find pharmacies, bakeries, restaurants, art galleries, shopping malls, banks, amongst the highlights.

Atelier sales office:
6 de Diciembre Av., between El Batán and Checoslovaquia.

Atelier sales office:
6 de Diciembre Av., between El Batán and Checoslovaquia.

Oficina central de ventas Uribe & Schwarzkopf:
Moreno Bellido #200 y Av. Amazonas
255.7100 – 256.8100.
Quito - Ecuador
1-800 PROPIO (776746)