At U&S we make a cultural difference in the country.

Building Culture

At Uribe & Schwarzkopf we are committed on building culture. For this reason, we not only make architecture, but also incorporate artistic spaces in our projects, thus creating vertical and horizontal cities. We contribute with sculptures and works of art visible in projects such as La Recoleta, Metropolitan, Cosmopolitan Parc and HE Parc. We also support and contribute to create open artistic spaces in important and growing sectors such as: La Floresta; Cine Ocho y Medio.

Our purpose is for people to learn, get to know and get involved with the culture that Quito offers, expressing how important this is for Uribe and Schwarzkopf. For this reason, a remodeling project was carried out in which a space dedicated to art in the filmmaker area was transformed and renewed. The innovation of Cine Ocho y Medio aims to help spaces such as this to remain open and in operation, but also offer and convert the experience of going to the cinema as an enriching cultural experience.

We have been supporting national talent and its cinema. We believed in our filmmakers and decided to bet on them in the independent film El Pescador, 2011. Directed by Sebastián Cordero and lead by Andrés Crespo. We contribute with funds so that this movie could be filmed with the standards and characteristics of any other foreign film and it was. We are proud to help potentiate the ability of our actors and actresses so they can be recognized internationally.

Empowered and focused on promoting culture, we were sponsors of the second edition of “La Fractura del Siglo”. A film festival representing the horror of World War II, inviting us to transform that pain into something trascendental to break the barriers of fear and destruction through art, and within it, the cinema. “La Fractura del Siglo”, was held under the sponsorship of Uribe & Schwarzkopf, in memory of the father and grandfather, Mr. Bedrich Schwarzkopf Stein and in honor of his mother and grandmother Gerda Peisach of Schwarzkopf.

In addition to encouraging filmmaking art, we also believe in the initiatives of cultural centers and artists’ colleges enhancing and influencing the new generations. It is an ethical responsibility that is born in Uribe & Schwarzkopf. In the Metropolitan Cultural Center we have supported ambitious exhibitors of great category and at the Philharmonic Foundation Casa de la Música we sponsor and encourage national and international concerts and recitals.

Also, we proudly sponsor the Jazz Festival concert tour of the successful and well-known dancer, actress and Ecuadorian singer-songwriter of Jazz Cristina Morrison and her band Baronesa, in the main cities of the country: Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca and Galápagos; held at the Teatro Sucre. For Uribe & Schwarzkopf it is a great pleasure to offer our support to an artist who will undoubtedly continue to fly very high internationally.

As well as we encourage the cinema, music and cultural spaces, together with the Foundation Museums of the City, we also have a social role and main responsibility to participate in citizenship education, which is why we assist in the promotion, development and cultural management In the Metropolitan District of Quito. The Museum of the city foundation presents permanent exhibitions, as well as exhibitions and cultural events that promote cultural participation.

It is so after getting involved in the construction of culture, we do not leave our passion aside and participate in events such as CASACOR. CASA COR, is the most complete exhibition of architecture, decoration and landscaping in the Americas and the second in the world. It constitutes exhibitions and events related to architecture, decoration, landscaping and gastronomy, held at Villa Helvetia; a heritage house from the 20th decade, located in Quito.

We will continue to put our grain of sand so that the construction of culture in Ecuador continues to grow, making this country an increasingly rich country in education.