In U&S we not only do architecture, we also get involved in social responsability

Corporate Social Responsibility

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U&S does not only do architecture, it also gets involved in social responsibility, helping to create a better country. We contribute actively and voluntarily to the social, economic and environmental improvement with the aim of improving the competitive and evaluative situation, adding value to our people. We support a variety of foundations either directly or indirectly, but always with the desire to make a difference in the less fortune.


TASE FOUNDATION (Transcending with Love, Service and Excellence), is a non-profit organization created to contribute to a better social and community development. The Foundation is an Alzheimer’s Center for patients presenting this pathology. Annually, Tase organizes a 1km walk with the slogan ‘I walked with you a lifetime. ” Since the first year that the walk was organized, U&S has been part of it; providing economic support to improve the lifestyle and well being of the disadvantaged.


At the same time, we participated in the FOUNDATION NIÑOS DE MARÍA, a Catholic nonprofit foundation that welcomes children with a school failure with family problems due to alcohol, drugs, domestic violence, congenital disorders, a father in prison or conflicting separations. The foundation prepares an annual sporting activity. In 2016, a cycling race at the Chaquiñán of Cumbayá was organized with more than 700 participants. U&S sponsored the event to raise funds to provide breakfast to 300 low-income children.


We are aware of the reach that cancer has in our country today. This is the reason why we have been actively involved with the CECILIA RIVADENEIRA FOUNDATION, Childhood Cancer Center. The Foundation was created to improve and enhance emotional health in children with cancer. U&S has worked hand by hand with the foundation sheltering the location where their establishments are based, assisting with the cleaning and adequacy of the land and facilities. We thus create a comfortable and convenient space for children to fight their illness.


Its necessary to create awareness that our youth must be protected and properly guided due to the adverse situations today presented in our society. This is why, U&S has been linked to seminars that FOUNDATION LO QUE DE VERDAD IMPORTA organize. We help promote universal values among young people and adolescents in different countries around the world. These changes are possible thanks to the contribution we provide; fundamental for the successful execution of them.


Just as we did with the CECILIA RIVADENEIRA FOUNDATION, we also collaborated with the CORAZONES VALIENTES FOUNDATION. A foundation that watches over the economy of children with cancer, providing them a monthly contribution for logistics and mobilization to SOLCA. This is the way, we ensure that no child leaves their treatment. With our support we will be there to check that this is possible.


This 2017, we decided to become involved as sponsors of the TRIADA FOUNDATION (nonprofit Foundation for people with neurological problems), and to raise the necessary funds for the operations of the needy and so they can build their own structure, due to the rapid growth of the institution. We will be part of the Second Gastronomic Festival “Una Mesa-Mil sonrisas” to be held in March, where we will give support to their needs.


Quiteños are very solidary! La Teletón, an annully social responsibility event, organized by the San José Municipal Patronage, is carried out with the purpose of promoting high-impact social projects for vulnerable groups in Quito. Its first edition was made in 2014 with an uninterrupted eight-hour live broadcast, raising USD 971, 260, thanks to contributions from private companies such as U&S and citizens. The second edition of the Quito Solidarity Telethon was held in 2015, raising a total of USD. 645,146.


One block from Canal 8, in the city of Quito, is one of the “Casas Somos”, installed and constructed by the Municipality to provide a public, didactic and community space to the people of the neighborhoods near to these . In the “Casa Somos” Bosmediano, the initiative was taken to create a library for children and to promote through it the habit of reading and the participation of the community in a space of fun and learning. Uribe & Schwarzkopf supports this enterprise, giving a hand that undoubtedly promotes the growth of a better society.


Uribe & Schwarzkopf, always committed to the well-being of all of Ecuador, even more so with those affected by the earthquake on April 16, has been one of the companies that have offered their help and for this reason, the Provincial Government of Manabí sends us a recognition of gratitude. It is time to join forces among all Ecuadorians to overcome this tragedy.


The Institute of Teaching and Learning (IDEA) of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) thanks Uribe & Schwarzkopf for the donation made to the IDEA – USFQ Children’s Library.


Together we do more. U&S has collaborated with the IDEA Institute of the San Francisco University of Quito. Thanks to our donations we have been able to help equip the Lupini Library with approximately 2,000 books, teaching material, furniture, children’s restrooms, decoration and other implements necessary for its correct functioning. So far they have treated around 2,657 beneficiaries. We have the satisfaction of seeing how children attend permanently; we are part of a positive change in society.


We support the most vulnerable. We are solidary with our brothers from the coast and in participation with the QTGC, U&S sponsored the concert of the singer Coqui Villamizar. This event had as purpose to raise funds for the victims of the earthquake, thus facilitating the reconstruction of their lives. All proceeds went to the community of Salima, rural parish of Muisne, located in the Province of Esmeraldas, through the Ecuadorian Red Cross.


In 2016, we were witnesses and sponsors of the Ironman 70.3 Manta, Ecuador. It was the most hosted Ironman event in Latin America and one of the biggest in the history of the sport. Tickets were sold out; 1500 subscribers. There were a total of 28,800 spectators and sixteen provinces represented. We were involved in the efforts of reactivating the economy and tourism to help those affected by the earthquake. We also contributed to the design of social lounge VIP areas of the Ironman structure.


Proudly together with IMPAQTO’s community of social innovators, we work together to foster and multiply the impact of Ecuadorian entrepreneurs. We sponsor and provide support with CoWorking spaces, workshops, incubation of projects and Networking events; Constructing, designing and expanding architectural infrastructures for its excellent development.


We wanted to be part of the change and walk alongside with the children with Autism. CAMINA CONMIGO is a foundation with the objective of developing programs focused on the inclusion of children with different needs in the regular educational system. The purpose is to donate funds, supporting the foundation to organize educational, sports and cultural events; which become channels of awareness and education for the community. The FOUNDATION CAMINA CONMIGO with the support of U&S, carried out a 5-km race at the Cumbayá chaquiñán to raise funds.


We wanted to save a woman’s life and we decided to support the Poly Ugarte Women Foundation to carry out the campaign called “PIENSA ROSA – TOCATE”, where 15,000 women from Guayaquil and the Province of Guayas were examined free of charge. We were participants in the early detection of breast cancer.


Promoters to improve the development of children with mental disabilities, we support EL TRIÁNGULO FOUNDATION, an entity that provides individualized and professional care to more than 80 children and young people with Down Syndrome, Mental Retardation and Autism. The Foundation organized, the second season of the play “Sueños”; “Scenic Arts and Disability” with the beneficial purpose of building the second phase of the EL TRIÁNGULO FOUNDATION campus, where theater, music and dance workshops were built, fostering integral development. In addition, a chocolate factory was built, an industrial kitchen to provide catering service, thus achieving sustainability. Also, an assisted lodging center was built, where people with disabilities can learn to live independently. The contribution of U&S made all these works possible.


It is an honor and satisfaction for us to know that we are activists of change and humanitarian aid from Ecuador. We will continue to do our work so that people who need more help each year have the support of U & S.