The best location in the city.


At the corner of one of the most important avenues of the city, Shyris and Portugal, stands a tower of impeccable design. Qorner; a place designed to enjoy the view of the La Carolina Park, in a unique and special way, as well as the comforts and services that surround it: restaurants, cafeterias, shopping centers, cinemas, this corner of broad urban spectrum, with the best view of the north of the city and its neighboring La Carolina park.

A synergy that goes beyond the established and invites you to reimagine and completely redefine the urban and modern lifestyle, beyond technology, enviable amenities and views.

Qorner combines all this, creating a dynamic community in which life is enjoyed and developed in each of its forms.

Sales Room and Dept. Model: Shyris y Portugal Esquina

Telf: (+593)02 225 3024 / 352 0094 / 246 7461

Of all these amenities you can enjoy in Qorner



Kids Club

Tens Room

Games Room





Room of co-owners



Party room

Located in one of the best areas of the city such as Carolina Park.

Sales Room and Dept. Model:
Av. Shyris y Portugal esquina
Telf.:(+593) 02 225 3024 / 352 0094 / 246 7461
Quito – Ecuador

Sales Room and Dept. Model
Av. Shyris y Portugal, esquina
(+593) 02 225 3024 / 352 0094 / 246 7461
Quito – Ecuador

Oficina central de ventas Uribe & Schwarzkopf:
Moreno Bellido #200 y Av. Amazonas
255.7100 – 256.8100.
Quito - Ecuador
1-800 PROPIO (776746)